Artificial Lift Methods in the Oil and Gas Industry

DNOW offers a variety of artificial lift systems to help our customers boost production and extend the life of their wells. Our plunger lift systems, conventional rod pump systems, variable frequency drives (VFD) with automation or optimization capabilities, and high-quality progressing cavity pumps (PCP) are explicitly designed for customer-specific well conditions. This allows our customers to get the most out of their wells while keeping production costs low.

Our artificial lift solutions can help improve your well productivity

The most common issue with wells is low productivity. This is often due to a lack of artificial lift. Our artificial lift solutions can help you improve your well site productivity and improve your bottom line. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our product offerings, local pump shops and services available.

Full Portfolio of Products

At DNOW, we understand the importance of supplying quality artificial lift equipment and expertise to the oil and gas industry. Our team is constantly searching for new technology to help you lower lifting costs and decrease downtime. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and products available.

Local Business Locations

DNOW artificial lift locations comply with strict safety and quality procedures to guarantee that you receive the highest quality artificial lift service. With a deep understanding of the local environment and years of experience in the industry, our strategically placed locations are fully equipped to meet your specific needs.

Value-Added Services

We pride ourselves on providing quality, leading-edge products and artificial lift services. Our services include product specialists and local pump shop services, failure analysis and solutions consulting, critical well hook-up components, and customized individual and classroom training.

An overview of the different types of artificial lift technologies

Artificial lift technologies are useful for recovering oil and gas from reservoirs that would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to tap using traditional methods. There are many different types of artificial lift technologies, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Click on the product links below to learn more about their features and capabilities.

DNOW sells progressive cavity pump (PCP) systems

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems

We offer complete PC pump systems and related products. We specialize in comprehensive and customized PC pump system designs that consider a well's environmental and technical aspects. This includes operating conditions, component metallurgies, and fluid properties.

DNOW sells rod lift system packages

Reciprocating Rod Lift (RRL) Systems

We offer complete rod lift system packages, including API or specialty rod pumps, sucker rods, and accessories manufactured to meet a wide variety of applications. We also offer complete system design and performance analysis, including pre or post plunger lift well life cycle applications.

DNOW sells plunger lift systems

Plunger Lift Systems and Products

We offer an extensive plunger lift product line designed specifically for each stage of a well's life. Our products can handle and control dewatering liquid-loaded gas wells, wax/hydrate/paraffin deposits, and wells with high gas-to-oil ratios. Each component is built and tested to API specifications.

DNOW sells variable frequency drives (VFDs)

Well Automation and Control Packages

DNOW provides three automation packages for new or existing well equipment (rod pumps, PC pumps and electric submersible pump systems). Our basic package includes a standalone variable frequency drive (VFD) with manual controls and an interface. We also provide a second package with an integrated VFD/POC package with digital sensor data, speed control optimization and surface cards. Our third package includes an integrated VFD and POC package with a digital interface and intelligent optimization capabilities.

Flex Flow, a DistributionNOW company, combines a unique horizontal pumping system (HPS) with a versatile hydraulic jet pump (HJP)

Flex Flow Systems and Solutions

Flex Flow, a DNOW Company, offers solutions from flowback through production for artificial lift operations by combining a unique horizontal pumping system (HPS) with a versatile hydraulic jet pump (HJP). Our HJP/HPS combination provides many advantages over conventional lift systems. Our goal is to lift higher volumes and reduce operating costs by eliminating the common issues of gas locking and solids handling, maintaining production over a wide range of rates and reducing well intervention and maintenance downtime.

Technical Services 

Minimize your Lease Operating Expense (LOE)

Lease owners, operators and procurement professionals are being called on to deliver higher productivity with fewer resources. However, don't waste valuable time getting a marginal or aging well performing through trial and error. Our experts can get you up and running quickly, so you don't lose valuable time or profit.

Services Available

  • System installation
  • Echometer plunger tracking and fluid level
  • Well Optimization Consulting and advisory
  • Troubleshooting and inspection
  • On-site assistance
DistributionNOW provides artificial lift services to get you up and running quickly so you don't lose valuable time or profit.
DistributionNOW provides training and instructional programs to provide the right level of information you need.


Increase Your Knowledge

If you're new to plunger lift principles, our instructional programs can provide you with the basics you need. Or if you're looking to expand your knowledge of artificial lift systems and principles, our expert technicians can provide you with the right level of information. We offer training programs at Well Master facilities or we can bring them to you.

Training Available

  • Basic Plunger Lift Principles: a half-day program covering critical aspects of plunger lift system operation. From basic artificial lift principles and options to understanding well characteristics, this class will help you tackle the field with added confidence.
  • Advanced Plunger Lift Concepts: This program covers more detailed well candidate selection criteria, analysis and interpretation of production and well analysis data. Additionally, you will learn advanced troubleshooting and well optimization

DNOW: The Most Trusted Choice for Artificial Lift Products and Services

At DNOW, we understand the importance of supplying quality artificial lift equipment and expertise to the oil and gas industry. Our well-established branch network provides producers access to product availability when and where needed. This is why we are always searching for new technology to help our customers lower their lifting costs and decrease downtime.

We pride ourselves on providing market-leading products and an exceptional artificial lift services experience. Our team of product specialists and local pump shop services ensure that you always have access to the support you need. Our failure analysis and solutions consulting team can help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. And our customized individual and classroom training will make sure you're able to make the most of our products.

DistributionNOW delivers quality artificial lift products and service experience.


The term "artificial lift" is used in the oil and gas industry to describe various technologies used to increase the flow of liquids within a production well. This can include tubing pumps, gas lifts, or electrically powered pumps. Artificial Lift technology helps improve the flow rate in a reservoir when the pressure cannot lift fluids to the surface. The produced fluid can be oil, water, or a mix of oil and water, typically mixed with gas.

Most people think of pumps when they hear the term “artificial lift.” However, artificial lift is any system used to increase the flow of fluids in a well. In some cases, this might be as simple as using a plunger to get the last bit of water out of a well. In other cases, it might involve using an electric or hydraulic pump to bring oil to the surface.

There are many reasons why you might need an artificial lift system.

  • If you are producing oil from a well, you will need to use an artificial lift to bring the oil to the surface.
  • You might need to use an artificial lift system to remove water from a gas well in some cases.
  • In other cases, you might need to use an artificial lift system to increase the flow of fluids in a well so that you can produce more oil or gas.

Oil wells often need a little help to maintain production as they age. This is where artificial lift comes in.

Artificial lift is the process of using mechanical means to bring oil to the surface. This can be done by creating a greater downhole pressure than the reservoir pressure. This difference in pressure causes the oil to flow to the surface.

An artificial lift system can be a great way to maintain production from aging well. It can also be used to increase production from a well that is not producing as much as it once did. If you are considering an artificial lift system for your well, be sure to consult with our experienced team to ensure that it is the best option for your particular well.

In the oil and gas industry, the flowback process is the first stage of recovering fluid from a well after it has been opened. Once all the equipment has been installed, the flowback phase begins. The fluid from the wellbore contains a lot of suspended particles (solids, chemicals and other contaminants) that make it murky and clouded.