Safety and PPE

Elevate Workplace Safety with Premium Protective Gear

When it comes to maintaining the highest safety standards, DNOW is your go-to partner. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of workwear clothing, safety supplies and top-quality personal protective equipment sourced from trusted manufacturers. With our dedicated team's expertise, we ensure the availability of essential safety gear and the necessary guidance to empower your workforce for a secure and efficient work environment. Safety isn't just a priority; it's a promise.

DNOW personal protective equipment, safety supplies and workwear to promote industrial safety and vigilance.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Modern Workplaces

Safety is the cornerstone of every efficient industrial environment. At DNOW, we merge safety needs with optimal solutions, ensuring workplaces are equipped with top-tier protective gear and resources. Dive into our array of services designed for modern industrial demands, championing a culture of security and vigilance.


Personal Protective Equipment

We carefully curated range of PPE ensures optimal safety against all hazards. Meeting strict compliance standards, our gear—from electrical protection to temperature shields—serves as a frontline defense in diverse workplace scenarios.

The DNOW safety equipment display showcases a range of essential workplace protective gear.

Safety Supplies and Gear

We prioritizes absolute safety with its extensive supply range, covering all workplace safety aspects. Trust in top-tier brands and our rigorous quality standards.

DNOW workwear collection highlighting durable and comfortable industrial attire.

Safety Workwear Essentials

Our workwear masterfully blends protection, comfort and mobility for diverse industrial needs. Designed to withstand challenges, our gear ensures workers stay active and seen.


DNOW Safety Services

DNOW Safety Services address every operational facet, ensuring top-tier safety from daily tasks to pivotal turnarounds. We offer versatile solutions tailored for any situation.

Commit to a Safer Tomorrow

Don't wait for an incident to redefine your safety standards. With DNOW's extensive range of safety gear, workwear and expert services, ensure your workplace is secure and efficient every day. Empower your workforce, reduce risks and showcase a commitment to their well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

PPE lifespan varies based on usage and specific product guidelines. We recommend adhering to manufacturer recommendations and always inspecting gear before use.
Absolutely. At DNOW, our team works with clients to provide tailored solutions that address unique industry challenges and requirements.
DNOW prides itself on partnering with trusted manufacturers. Our product list includes 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Jackson Safety, MSA, Mission, Jordan David, OccuNomix, Carhartt, PIP, Bayco Products and among others.

Secure Your Business with Confidence

Your safety is our top priority. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous support, ensuring your workforce is equipped and educated. With a vast array of top-tier products, DNOW is your trusted partner in safety solutions.