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Are you looking to get more control over your procurement process? Streamline Your Procurement Process with DNOW's B2B eCommerce Solution. Our B2B eCommerce solution gives you access to a diverse selection of energy and industrial products while saving time and money – helping you reduce downtime. 

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When it comes to eCommerce stores, the key differentiators between one store and the next can be hard to spot. However, some key factors can help you make the best decision for your business. From product quality and Approved Manufacturer List (AML), to experience and stability, service and delivery, pricing, support and security, see the differentiators that make our eCommerce store the best choice for your needs.

Product Quality & AML

Our products are 100% transparent – that means you know the manufacturer's name and country of origin, and you get full up-to-date documentation.

Experience & Stability

We have over 15 years of eCommerce experience, long-held manufacturer relationships and decades spent weathering each new oil and gas industry cycle.

Service & Delivery

Our flexible service model puts you first. We have your products in stock now, ready to ship or pick up in store.


Total savings of up to 35% come from the total model: competitive product pricing, standardization programs, efficient service and many more options tailored to your needs.


All online orders are supported by our online support team and your closest DNOW branch location. You can also refer to multiple product lines and application experts locally.


We never store your payment information and maintain strict compliance with GDPR, CCPA and industry standards to minimize potential identity theft and fraud.

eProcurement solutions for your business

  • eCatalog – If you want to manage your purchasing more efficiently, sign up for an account on You can see your contract pricing and save your bill of materials (BOM) lists and favorite items with an account. You can also set up approval workflows to make the purchasing process smoother.
  • Punchout/Roundtrip – You can order supplies and materials online through your company's (or a third party’s) ERP system or through We'll set up a way for you to automatically create purchase orders, get approval for orders, generate invoices, and receive shipment notifications.
With you can access real-time, account-specific pricing, order approvals, invoicing, and our eCatalog of over 160,000 SKUs.

OrderBuilderTM – The quick and easy way to order pipe, fittings and flanges online

OrderBuilder is an online ordering system that makes it easy and efficient to place orders. With OrderBuilder, you can quickly find a range of compatible pipes, fittings, and flanges using a familiar format. Quick, accurate orders have never been this simple:

Try out OrderBuilder on today!

  1. Choose a product category
  2. Pick the product specifications (construction, material, grade, schedule, origin, etc.)
  3. Select the sizes and quantities you need OR click and drag to select an area or an entire row or column
  4. Watch as your cart automatically populates
  5. Check out
*OrderBuilder is currently available for our North American B2B customers. We're currently working on expanding the functionality of OrderBuilder to other regions, so stay tuned! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Utilize powerful analytics to analyze spending

We offer eCommerce data on spending history, order history, order tracking, and more to help you analyze spending. With these tools and the help of our supply chain experts, you'll be able to work toward optimizing your spending and improving your overall efficiency.

Let us help you visualize your data so you can make the best decisions for your company.

Types of Analytics Sample Reports

  1. Overview dashboard
  2. Detailed invoice breakdown
  3. Expenditures by product category
  4. Expenditures by rig
  5. Summary view of invoices
  6. Search order by an order number, date or status
  7. Order detail view
DNOW online storefront analytics overview dashboard
1 View an overview of total quantity by top-level category, total purchase by category, sales office and a spending trend analysis.
DNOW's online storefront's detailed invoice view
2 View a comprehensive overview of invoices, along with high-level categorizations.
DNOW's eCommerce store's data on spending history by product categories
3 View reports with detailed information regarding the top product sales by quantity, total purchase and quantities associated with each product.
DNOW's online store's eCommerce data on spend by rig
4 View an invoice breakdown of total quantity by top category and total purchase by category, filterable by the rig.
DNOW eCommerce storefront's view of an invoice summary
5 View a summary of invoices, including the total spend for all invoices within the specified date period.
6 Search for orders using the purchase order number, sales order number, date range, or order status.
7 View the detailed order breakdown and shipping information, including the status update and contact details.

eCommerce features that make shopping easier

A full range of eCommerce features and product lines are available at our B2B online store, with features tailored to suit any size of business. Get access to thousands of items at the touch of a button. Shop with confidence from one of the leading distributors in the energy and industrial industry. Sign in to our eCommerce store or our DNOW eCommerce Mobile App today and experience a more reliable and secure shopping experience.

Your Home Page Now Feels More Like Home

We've reorganized it all to fit you perfectly, emphasizing efficiency. Manage your inventory orders and multi-level approval hierarchies right from the homepage. We highlight recently viewed items, recommended categories, recent orders and approvals.



Reflect on your organizational brand by adding your own brand logo to the site.

Order Management

Manage your inventory orders and multi-level approval hierarchies right from the homepage, putting the control at your fingertips.

Your Recommended List

We use artificial intelligence to recommend frequently bought together and other items you may like.

Find Categories

Shopper driven category sequence creates shopping categories that help you identify product categories related to your recent purchases.
Your home page now contains all the information and products you need to make us your go-to online energy and industrial supplier.
Content availability may vary by country.

Find Products Faster than Ever

Spend less time searching and more time shopping! Find products fast, thanks to our advanced search engine featuring multi-faceted results, including categories, synonyms and recommendations.


Smart Keywords

Search and analytics engine that improves search result quality by providing relevant results to help you find what you are looking for faster


Real-time Suggestions

The search database contains popular search queries and remembers your search history to guess what you're looking for, and suggests the right thing


Synonym Search

Synonym dictionary gives a natural advantage over understanding queries and displaying the right products that have the same meanings


Attribute Filtering

Allows for a refined product search based on multiple attributes like manufacturer, price, color and size to search the way you want

Checkout with Ease

Your checkout experience has been improved with a single page checkout that has been upgraded to pre-populate based on prior orders. 

You don't have to wait for successive pages to load before making payments, saving you a lot of time as billing, shipment, order review and confirmation details are all on the same page. Allowing you to easily complete your checkout with any distraction.

With you check out with a single-page checkout that has been upgraded to pre-populate based on prior orders. gives you more control for procurement through administrative setup.

Administrative Setup

More control for procurement through the administrative setup helps to ensure key parameters are met, including:

  • Custom Organization Unit
  • Shopper Administration
  • eProcurement Setup

Shop, search and save time with DNOW's eCommerce Mobile App.

With DNOW's eCommerce Mobile App, powered by DigitalNOW®, you can browse and order from our vast product catalog on your smartphone or tablet. Use our app to find the products you need faster with advanced search functions and multiple product filtering capabilities. You can also check account pricing and stock availability, find a branch or manage expenses on your account.

Features / Benefits
  • You can order eCatalog materials from any of our branches for delivery or pickup.
  • You can "self-checkout" from remote store (unmanned) locations.
  • Your activity on the mobile app is synced with the website, allowing you to view items in the cart, order status/history, favorites and more.

Note: For use by registered DistributionNOW customers, an existing account is required to enable access. Please contact your DistributionNOW sales representative for more information.

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