Instrumentation and Measurement

Find the right flow control and measurement instrumentation and equipment for your Project

DistributionNOW offers a comprehensive line of field-proven instruments and assemblies for measuring pressure, temperature and flows across all liquid and gas applications, including custody transfer, check stations, control loops, batching and more to get the most precise readings and maximize your performance, profitability and safety.

DNOW sells instrumentation and measurement equipment

Product Description

What sets DNOW apart is our focus on quality and accuracy. We have a comprehensive line of field-proven devices that deliver precise readings and reliable performance. Whether you need to monitor custody transfer, check stations, control loops, batching, or any other process, you can trust us to carry the devices to give you the data you need to optimize your operations, increase your profitability, and ensure your safety.

Gauges and Sensors

When working with liquids and gasses, it is essential to have the ability to measure and regulate the pressure, temperature and flow. We offer extensive flow control and measurement instrumentation, including various gauges and sensors. From mechanical pressure gauges to electronic sensors and accessories, you can find the ideal product for your task from our wide collection of instrumentation.

  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Mechanical temperature gauges and thermowells
  • Diaphragm seal instruments
  • Electronic pressure sensors
  • Electronic pressure transmitters and transducers
  • Electronic temperature sensors 
  • Level sensors and gauges
  • Ultra high-purity pressure gauges
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • OEM/Customized pressure and temperature instruments
  • SF6 gas analyzer and filling units
  • Gauge accessories
Measure precisely and confidently with DNOW's wide range of gauges and sensors.

Instrumentation Fittings

Instrument fittings are essential to connect and secure various tubing and piping systems. They are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and brass to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. Allowing you to measure and control the flow, pressure and temperature critical to your operation. We have various instrumentation fittings, such as T-fittings, union fittings and manifold fittings, to attach sensors and gauges to pipes, increasing the accuracy and integrity of your flow control and measurement instrumentation system. Shop our eCommerce site to order various styles, such as:

  • NPT thread
  • Socket weld
  • Butt weld 
  • Single- and two-ferrule design
  • Connection adapters
  • Dielectric Unions 
Photo: Secure your instrumentation with ease! DistributionNOW offers a diverse selection of industrial fittings to attach sensors and gauges to pipes.

Instrumentation Valves and Other Products

Instrumentation valves are critical in controlling the flow of gasses, liquids and other loose materials through your piping system. Our valves are made with precision engineering and are built to withstand even the harshest industrial conditions. They come in various types, such as ball valves, check valves, and needle valves, providing you with the flexibility to choose what you need to regulate the flow of fluids in your system.

  • Bleed valves
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Inline filters
  • Needle valves
  • Lower packing valves
  • Metering valves
  • Relief Valves 
  • Toggle valves
  • Plug valves
  • Purge valves
  • Quick connects
  • Full flow quick connects
  • Tee filters
  • Manifolds
  • Steam Traps 

Instrumentation Hose Assemblies

Compressed gas and industrial applications place extreme demands on all system components, including the instrumentation hose assemblies. Our instrumentation hose assemblies are designed to handle high-pressure applications. They are suitable for oil and gas, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals to meet the most rigorous industrial and compressed gas application requirements. We carry high-quality products from some of the most trusted names in the business, and our experienced staff can help you find the right products for your specific application. Contact us today to learn more about our instrumentation hose assemblies.

  • Medium pressure smooth bore PTFE
  • High pressure flexible metal 

Optimize Your Process Performance

If you need instrumentation and measurement devices for your projects, check us out. We have everything you need to measure and control your flow operations. Our products include flow meters, transmitters, valves, regulators and more. Don't settle for less than the best. Contact us today, and let us help you optimize your process performance.

Photo: Power Service, a DistributionNOW company, installs high-quality instrumentation gauges on our Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Units.

Downloads flow instrumentation and measurement resources

Download flow control and measurement instrumentation product brochures and flyers. You’ll find a wealth of technical specifications, features, and benefits to support your specific project requirements. With the right instrumentation selection, you’ll be able to provide better system performance, improve energy efficiency and reduce downtime due to equipment malfunction or failure.

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