Industrial and Facility Supplies

Industrial MRO Supplies for the Upkeep of Buildings and Grounds

From manufacturing to facility maintenance, DNOW's range of industrial and facility supplies ensures smooth operations and safety at every level. Whether you're looking for industrial machinery, facility equipment or warehouse tools, our material handling solutions can do the job. Our commitment is to provide the best in industrial supplies and facility maintenance products, ensuring maximum efficiency, safety and satisfaction.

An image of DNOW's diverse range of industrial and facility supplies, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and quality in machinery, tools and equipment.

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Our curated inventory boasts everything from premium adhesives and advanced electrical products to elite safety equipment and precision tools. Discover our vast selection, featuring oilfield solutions, essential office supplies, efficient material handling and much more. Prioritize workplace safety with our top-tier PPE or find robust hardware for maintenance tasks. With DNOW, you're choosing unparalleled quality and durability. Explore our product offerings now and elevate your operations.

DNOW sells an assortment of industrial adhesives, sealants and tape rolls.

Adhesives, Sealants and Tape

Discover our premium adhesives, sealants and tapes for industrial needs. From bonding to protection, our products ensure top performance. Discover general-purpose glues to high-end sealants.

DNOW sells industrial batteries alongside modern battery chargers.

Batteries and Battery Chargers

Discover our selection of batteries and chargers for industry needs. From daily tasks to oil and gas operations, we offer continuous energy solutions from button to industrial batteries.

DNOW sells electrical components, including cables, power units and lighting solutions.

Electrical Products and Cable

Electrify your facilities with our top-notch products. Lighting solutions, cables or power units, we provide reliable and efficient electrical components for your varied needs.

DNOW sells construction materials, pest control supplies and more for facility maintenance and management.

Facilities Management

Keep your facility in top condition with tools designed for optimal facility upkeep. We have everything from construction materials to pest controls to ensure your space remains at its prime.

DNOW sells engine parts and maintenance tools for fleet vehicles.

Fleet and Engine Maintenance

Enhance fleet performance with maintenance solutions. From air filters to spark plugs our selection ensures peak equipment efficiency. Explore maintenance products for optimal asset upkeep.

DNOW sells a collection of kitchen gadgets, cookware and dining tools for industrial settings.

Food Service Essentials

Explore a range of kitchen gadgets, cookware and dining tools. Perfect for industrial canteens and facility kitchens. We have everything you need to be prepared for peak meal times and special events.

Assorted hardware image: DNOW sells anchors, bolts, screws, clamps, pins, hinges, shims, threaded inserts, rivets, etc.


Discover premium hardware for industrial maintenance. From anchors, bolts and clamps to specialized tools, our offerings cater to every maintenance need, ensuring precise alignments, security and adaptability for any project.

DNOW's collection of HVAC equipment including heaters, fans, blowers, and parts for year-round comfort.

HVAC Solutions

Whether facing summer's heat or winter's chill, from heaters to fans our selection ensures the perfect atmosphere. Prioritizing safety and contentment, with HVAC products that ensure efficient temperature control and clean air circulation.

DNOW sells bottles of industrial-grade chemicals and cleaners for tough stains.

Industrial Chemicals and Cleaners

Industrial chemicals and cleaners are formulated to tackle water-insoluble substances, rust, electronic residues and more. Our products ensure optimal equipment functionality and workplace hygiene.

DNOW sells janitorial tools and housekeeping supplies for facility cleaning.

Janitorial, Cleaning and Personal Care

We offer a wide range of janitorial supplies including cleaning products, brooms, mops, bags, dispensers, personal care items and vacuums. From trusted brands that ensure clean and safe facilities. Find products for all your cleaning needs.

DNOW sells heavy-duty lifting equipment like hoists and cranes in an industrial setting.

Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Find top-quality lifting equipment for safe and efficient heavy-duty tasks. From beam attachments to overhead cranes, our products ensure precision, safety and durability. Trusted by professionals in construction and heavy industries.

DNOW sells different types of lubricants and lubrication supplies.

Lubricants and Lubrication Supplies

We offer an extensive selection of high-quality lubricants and lubrication equipment to ensure the smooth operation of your machinery. With products ranging from motor and gear oil to specialized anti-seize compounds we cater to a diverse array of needs.

DNOW sells markers, stamps and labeling tools for industrial marking purposes.

Marking Products

Our inventory consists of marking products tailored for industrial precision from paint markers and stencils to wire tags and stamps. Ensuring clear, durable markings across varied surfaces, essential for error-free projects and impeccable results.

DNOW sells equipment for material handling, including storage units and transport tools.

Material Handling

From forklift accessories to waste management tools, we offer material handling solutions to boost efficiency, safety and space optimization. We sell handling equipment that streamlines operations, ensuring both productivity and customer satisfaction.

DNOW sells stationery, tech gadgets and office essentials on a desk.

Office Supplies

Enhance your workspace's productivity with our selection of office supplies from basic items like binders and notebooks to tech essentials and laminating tools. Organize and boost productivity with our essential office tools

DNOW sells heavy-duty drills, assorted production supplies and more to remove oilfield soils and breakdown grime.

Oilfield Solutions

We stock tailored oilfield solutions including chemical soap sticks for optimizing well production and efficient rig wash products. Committed to eco-compliance, we provide high-quality pit liners and environmental tanks for contamination prevention.

DNOW sells an assortment of industrial pipes, valves and fittings.


We are a leading global distributor of pipe, valves and fittings for the oil, gas and industrial sectors. Offering a vast range of PVF products in various sizes and grades, they ensure quality through rigorous inspection processes.

DNOW personal protective equipment, safety supplies and workwear to promote industrial safety and vigilance.

Safety and PPE

Shop top-quality safety and personal protective equipment designed for modern workplaces. Our selection prioritizes safety and vigilance, from durable workwear to advanced protective gear. Experience the perfect blend of protection, comfort and mobility.

DNOW sells assorted hand, power and air tools capable of any job.


Explore a selection of tools from hand tools to power, air and cutting tools sourced from leading manufacturers. Ensuring durability and precision. Search our catalog and find the perfect tool for your needs.

Powering Operations with Premier Industrial Supplies

From the warehouse to the production line, DNOW offers top-tier industrial and facility supplies designed to optimize, protect and enhance your operations. Discover our diverse product line today and witness how we bring quality, efficiency and safety to the forefront.

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In an era driven by digital transformation, DNOW is proud to introduce its state-of-the-art B2B eCommerce platform tailored specifically for businesses that demand flexibility, efficiency and precision.

24/7 Shopping Experience

Our platform operates round-the-clock, ensuring businesses can access and purchase the industrial and facility supplies they need anytime. Whether you're looking for advanced electrical products, precision tools or diverse product offerings, our digital storefront is just a click away.

Customized Contract Pricing

Recognizing the unique needs of each business, our platform offers contract pricing, ensuring that your organization benefits from cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Streamlined Approval Workflows

Efficiency is at the core of our platform. With our approval workflows, businesses can ensure that every purchase complies with internal guidelines, eliminating any hiccups in the procurement process.

Integrated Procurement Controls

Our punchout/roundtrip procurement controls empower field operations with seamless purchasing solutions. This integration ensures that every order adheres to the procurement standards set by your organization.

Flexible Delivery Options

At DNOW, we understand that each business has unique delivery requirements. Whether you prefer in-store pickup, on-site delivery or shipment to select locations, our platform offers many options to align with your operational demands.

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Interested in diving deeper into the features and benefits of our B2B eCommerce store? Our solution page provides detailed insights into how our platform can revolutionize your procurement process, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness and streamlined operations. Learn more and register today.

DNOW provides a vast range of products, including industrial machinery, facility equipment and warehouse tools to ensure smooth operations and optimal safety. Please contact our sales team for help on any specific or specialized items you need help finding.

Absolutely! DNOW offers specialized oilfield solutions including chemical soap sticks for well production and eco-compliant pit liners and environmental tanks.

We understand that downtime can lead to loss of revenue and reputation, so we offer fleet and engine maintenance products ranging from air filters to spark plugs to ensure your equipment runs efficiently. We also have an online shopping platform where you can conveniently browse and purchase the items you needs. Contact our sales team for any assistance or guidance you need.

Our selection of industrial chemicals and cleaners is formulated to tackle challenges like rust, electronic residues and water-insoluble substances, ensuring the optimal functionality of equipment and cleanliness in workplaces. Our B2B eCommerce store carries a more comprehensive list such as electrical grade cleaners. Please note that the availability of specific chemicals and cleaners may vary depending on your location; contact our sales team for more detailed information.

Absolutely. At DNOW, we prioritize workplace safety with a comprehensive range of PPE, including durable workwear and advanced protective gear.

Some products we offer include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: We offer a carefully curated range of PPE that ensures optimal safety against all hazards. Our gear serves as a frontline defense in diverse workplace scenarios, meeting strict compliance standards.
  • Safety Supplies and Gear: We prioritize safety with our extensive supply range, covering all workplace safety aspects. We provide top-tier brands and maintain rigorous quality standards.
  • Safety Workwear Essentials: Our workwear masterfully blends protection, comfort and mobility for diverse industrial needs. Designed to withstand challenges, our gear ensures workers stay active and visible.
  • DNOW Safety Services: DNOW Safety Services address every operational facet, ensuring top-tier safety from daily tasks to pivotal turnarounds. We also provide specialized safety services for plants and refineries.

Yes, we provide a wide range of office supplies, from basic stationery like binders and notebooks to tech essentials and laminating tools. You can contact our sales team for help or visit our eCatalog to buy online from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We carry everything you need for your business.

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