Automated Inventory Control Solutions

Transform Your Inventory Management

The industrial sector often struggles with supply chain inefficiencies, from excessive materials costs to unseen leakage. At DNOW, we recognize these challenges and aim to revolutionize your inventory management. Our AccessNOW solutions ensure that you have the supplies when and where you need them, providing increased visibility for planning and reducing unnecessary costs.


Control – Efficiency – Scalability

Our suite of un-manned inventory control and intelligent inventory management solutions are designed and built for industrial applications. With cameras, sensors, smart locks and automatic data collection, our AccessNOW solutions help you better manage inventory integrity and optimize forecasting so that supplies are on hand when they are needed. Streamline your inventory management and reduce costs through automation today!

AccessNOW™ Port Remote Storeroom

AccessNOW Port converts any standard shipping container into a secure, automated inventory storeroom that can be transported to different jobsites as necessary. The system limits access to only authorized users, which means improved material integrity, increased security and elimination of waste and theft.

  • 24/7 controlled access to materials via badge reader, keypad or facial recognition
  • Multi-item check-in and check-out via barcode reader or RFID (with optional AccessNOW Wave enhancement)
  • Controlled access entry system, universal fit gate and fencing designed to be compatible with all containers
  • Tamper-proof design with embedded alarm and motion-sensing cameras that record all activities


AccessNOW™ Port Remote Storeroom Flyerfile download
AccessNOW Port Remote Storeroom

AccessNOW™ Crib Automated Storeroom

AccessNOW Crib converts any available space into a secure, unmanned automated inventory storeroom that can accommodate an unlimited number of items in all sizes and shapes. The efficient self-check-out system utilizes barcoding RFID technology to automatically record each item removed from the crib, transmitting the transaction to the designated administrator.

  • 24/7 controlled access to materials via badge reader, keypad or facial recognition
  • Simultaneous transactions by multiple users
  • Real-time monitoring of inventory usage
  • Tamper-proof design with embedded alarm and motion-sensing cameras that record all activities


AccessNOW™ Crib Automated Storeroom Flyerfile download
AccessNOW Crib Automated Storeroom

AccessNOW™ Stock Industrial Vending

AccessNOW Stock is an innovative, tamper-proof and maintenance-free industrial vending machine that provides the lowest-cost and highest-capacity vending solution in the world. The proprietary design replaces traditional coiled, carousel or scale machines and eliminates thousands of costly mechanisms, motors and moving parts, which drastically decreases the chance of a breakdown and increases storage space by 50 to 75%.

  • Storage capacity of 4 traditional industrial vending machines – 200+ unique items and 2,000 individual pieces
  • Glass doors and angled shelving for easy visibility inside
  • Motion-sensing security cameras (4) to monitor and record all activity inside and outside the machine
  • 24/7 controlled access to materials via badge reader, keypad or facial recognition
  • Full transaction data recordings, uploaded to the cloud and transmitted to the designated administrator


AccessNOW™ Stock Industrial Vending Flyerfile download
AccessNOW Stock Industrial Vending

AccessNOW™ Chem Chemical Storage

AccessNOW Chem is a non-flammable, corrosion-proof vending cabinet designed to house chemicals and solvents. The machine tracks who has removed each item and reports on usage to the designated administrator, helping you avoid accumulating chemicals at workstations and ensuring flammable products are stored and returned safely and securely when not in use.

  • Automated inventory control, adjustable shelving and product tracking via integrated software
  • 24/7 controlled access to materials via badge reader, keypad or facial recognition, with 4 motion-sensing security cameras
  • Up to 69 gallon capacity
  • Full compliance with OSHA regulations and built to NFPA 30, UL/C/I 1275 and IFC 3404 standards


AccessNOW™ Chem Chemical Storage Flyerfile download
AccessNOW Chem Chemical Storage

AccessNOW™ Wave RFID Enhancement

AccessNOW Wave is an add-on that enables full RFID capabilities for any of our other AccessNOW solutions, with a cost up to 10 times less than other RFID products. The user-friendly interface makes checking materials out (and back in) simple, maximizing inventory accuracy.

  • Scanner platform easily manages scanning of all sizes of items, from small products on the platform top to large, heavy items on the floor under the platform
  • Sensors read multiple RFID tags at once – no need to scan individual items separately
  • RFID tags can be assigned and reassigned in 15 seconds. Tags can also be collected and recycled later for reuse.
  • Software tracks an unlimited number of SKUs


AccessNOW™ Wave RFID Enhancement Flyerfile download
AccessNOW Wave RFID Enhancement

Material Management Services to Optimize Your Supply Chain

DNOW delivers an innovative procurement and material management suite designed to revolutionize your supply operations. We offer unmatched inventory visibility by integrating and valuing your assets, enhancing work order procedures and aligning supply with maintenance programs. The benefits? Reduced spending, improved productivity, inventory accuracy, automated ordering and enhanced accountability.

Let DNOW transform your supply chain from request to final disposition, ensuring you have the right materials precisely when and where you need them.