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Decades of Excellence: Tailored Solutions for Complex Industrial Challenges

Power Service, A DNOW Company, is a leading rotating and process equipment provider. We have delivered high-quality solutions to complex industrial interests for over six decades. We take pride in our ability to provide in-house designing, engineering and fabricating services tailored to each client's needs. Our dedicated and experienced professionals find innovative solutions to even the most intricate challenges. If you are searching for a reliable partner with the experience and expertise to address your tank batteries and production facilities needs, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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About Power Service

History and Affiliation

Founded in 1954, Power Service, Inc. became part of the DNOW umbrella in June 2016, rebranding as Power Service, A DNOW Company and becoming a central part of DNOW's U.S. Process Solutions operating unit. The acquisition leverages DNOW’s vast U.S. and overseas locations and its robust pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) and MRO supplier connections.

Our Offerings

Power Service specializes in rotating and process equipment engineering, design, installation, fabrication and service. We distribute OEM parts, including pumps, generator sets, air compressors and blowers. We also fabricate custom lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units, vapor recovery units (VRU), ASME code vessels and water production skids.

Sectors We Operate In

Our primary sectors include upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas markets, as well as the mining, power generation and general industrial industries.

Geographic Reach

At Power Service, we offer tailored rotating and process equipment solutions catering to the specific needs of the Permian, Delaware, Eagle Ford and other pivotal North American basins and international clientele.


With our broad product and service range, our dedicated team of designers, engineers and fabricators can serve companies globally. Contact us today to discover more about our capabilities and explore how we can contribute to your success.

Discover Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Needs

From custom water disposal and injection plants to advanced multiphase separators, we offer a comprehensive range of top-tier products tailored to meet your unique requirements. Dive deep into our 12 distinct product categories below and find the perfect solution that aligns with your needs. Simply click on a category to explore more.

State-of-the-art welding and test equipment at Power Service; from 2-phase separators to pressurized bullet tanks.

Pressure Vessels

From 2-Phase Separators to Bullet Tanks

Equipped with cutting-edge welding tools, we craft and mend pressure vessels, offering separators, skids, towers, reactors and more.

Power Service in-house design, engineering, and fabrication with 3D models, simulations and project drawings.

Design and Engineering

From Conceptualization to Precision Execution

In-house design, engineering and fabrication with expertise in ASME analysis, 3D modeling, simulations and detailed project drafting.

Gas Measurement Division equipment with Daniel, SureShot, Canalta instruments; services include onsite installation, testing and analysis.

Gas Measurement

Precision Gas Measurement Solutions to AGA Standards

Precision gas metering skids, tailored for natural gas and liquids. Built to AGA specs, our skids ensure efficiency and reliability.

Power Service LACT assembly facility showcasing diverse unit deliveries and multiple pump technologies.

LACT Units

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Units

Specialized for efficient oil transfers, featuring advanced pump tech, adherence to API and B31-3 standards and multiple service locations.

Photo: Powering up pipelines with precision, the state-of-the-art pigging launcher and receiver from Power Service.

Launchers and Receivers

Efficient Pigging for Optimal Pipeline Flow

Our pig launchers and receivers are versatile and durable, ensuring a safe and efficient pipeline flow. They are customizable to meet any specification.

Service technician at Power Service Equipment. Certified team offers installation, repairs and lifelong service for our and other brand products.

Process Equipment Field Services

Reliable Field Equipment Services

Unmatched post-purchase support with six equipped centers, certified technicians, comprehensive services and 24/7 availability. Your lifelong equipment partner.

Power Service Water Transfer Unit Skid with filtration, truck grounding, B31.3 piping. Options for diverse conditions, suitable for pipeline & truck.

Produced Water Transfer Units

Unmatched Reliability for Pipeline and Truck Operations

From basic pump packages to advanced truck unloading solutions, with key features like B31.3 piping, filtration, truck grounding and options like cold-weather enclosures

Revolutionizing Industrial Sustainability with Power Service's Innovative Vapor Recovery Unit

Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Remove Carbon Vapors from Oil and Distillate Tanks

Our eco-friendly VRUs efficiently clear tank vapors, ensure compliance, boost profits and simplify operations. Manage your production spikes and prevent contamination.

Image: Water Disposal and Pump Packages by Power Service - Safe and Efficient Salt Water Disposal, Compliance and Reliability.

Water Disposal and Waterflood

Ensure Safe and Efficient Water Disposal

Maximize water disposal efficiency with Power Service pump packages. Expertly designed SWD solutions for safety, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Image: Power Service Efficient Air Compressors and Dryers for Reliable Compressed Air Solutions for clean, oil-free air needs.

Air Compressors and Dryers

Compressed Air Solutions for Clean, Oil-free Air Needs

Discover reliable air solutions for productivity, compliance and emissions reduction through advanced technology for all your clean, oil-free air requirements.

Image: Power Service Durable oil-free air blowers for efficient industrial performance.

Oil-Free Air Blower Solutions

Elevate Your Operations with Reliable Air Blower Packages

Our oil-free air blowers provide clean, dry compressed air. Versatile for various applications, offering maintenance advantages and product quality assurance.

Image: Diverse Pump Equipment from Power Service - Trusted Suppliers.

Pump Equipment and Packages

Pumps, Packages, Repairs and Services for Your Needs

Comprehensive pump solutions, including pumping equipment, repairs and field services to enhance your fluid movement process for even the harshest environments.

Comprehensive Solutions with Precision and Efficiency

Power Service is a critical component of DNOW's U.S. Process Solutions division. With expansive fabrication and office facilities, we are positioned to serve our customers by offering a diverse range of process and production equipment.

Tailored Equipment Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our offerings cater to various sectors, including upstream and midstream oil and gas, the downstream refining industry, mining, and the water transfer and disposal (SWD) markets. Our primary goal is to simplify the equipment installation process. We deliver skidded and housed packages designed for swift and minimal on-site setup to achieve this. This streamlined approach reduces expensive fieldwork and conserves time, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core operations.

Optimizing Construction and Cost with Precision

By partnering with us, you can significantly reduce construction supervision hours, minimize travel for construction personnel, decrease unforeseen parts expenses, and mitigate weather-related costs and delays. We meticulously craft high-quality skidded solutions or buildings indoors, ensuring all materials are readily accessible. Our team is equipped to draft packages for customer approval or to adhere strictly to detailed customer specifications – all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Our extensive portfolio in fabricated equipment encompasses the following:

  • Pumps paired with motors on various bases
  • Air and gas blowers on bases, driven by motors and engines, available with or without controls
  • Comprehensive skidded air system packages that include compressors, receivers, dryers and piping
  • Water injection skids equipped with different pumps, drivers, and controls suitable for diverse climates
  • Water filter skids complete with pumps, controls, vessels, buildings or other customer-specific requirements
  • Vacuum pump and blower packages tailored for coal-bed methane recovery
  • Lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units essential for the accurate transfer of petroleum products
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Power Service: 36-inch ID x 72-foot stainless steel tower being transported on a road to its designated site.
3 Transporting a 36-inch ID x 72-foot stainless steel tower en route to its installation site.
Power Service: 25-inch pipe rack modules lined up systematically
4 Engineering precision of 25-inch pipe rack modules ready for installation.
Photo of advanced gas measurement: WBI ultrasonic meter skid, designed, engineered & fabricated by Power Service, a DistributionNOW company.
5 Gas Measurement WBI Ultra Sonic Meter Skid ensures advanced monitoring of precise gas flow readings.

A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

Atlas Copco
Flowserve authorized pump distributor
Milton Roy


 ASME "U" Stamp
 NBCA "R" Stamp

Power Service Locations

Our fabrication facilities are strategically located throughout the U.S. in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our facilities in Houston also service the downstream industrial Gulf Coast market.

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